Why the UN is so disturbed at the Murder of the Western Nationals?

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

A few days ago, a strong reaction came from the United Nations Security Council following the killings of Western nationals whom the United Nations calls its staff members but the Mujahideen say, they were organizers of the runoff election. The UN Secretary General said that he would join efforts with other members of the Security Council to find those behind this incident and punish them.

On the other hand, we have hundreds of examples in which we find the United Nations behaving with the Islamic Ummah unfairly, improperly and pitilessly as far as global and regional issues are concerned. When it comes to the protection of the rights of the Ummah, this World Body, particularly, the Security Council becomes silent at once. They have chosen the way of suppressing and oppressing the Ummah and supporting the brutal and arrogant invaders.

The nerve of these guys! Karzai 'wins' anyway

William Bowles

Have you ever seen anything more outrageous? Talk about double standards! For weeks the BBC bombarded us with outrage concerning the elections in Iran with wall-to-wall coverage of the protests and predicting some other kind of ‘colour’ revolution, a green one this time (what will USAID, NDI, Freedom House, George Soros et al do, when they run out of colours?).[1]

“Millions of Iranians simply did not believe the result. The main demand of the protesters has been an annulment of the result and an election re-run.” — ‘Q&A: Iran election aftermath’, BBC News, 22 June, 2009.

Compare the BBC’s squeals of outrage over the Iranian elections with how the BBC ‘delicately’ deals with the Afghan elections. No wall-to-wall coverage of Afghan outrage over a stolen election. Instead,

“There was no further reference to fraud. It was pointed out that the figures were more or less in line with the opinion polls - President Karzai, the candidate of the majority Pashtun people, in the high 40s and Dr Abdullah in the low 30s.” — ‘Karzai back in favour - conditionally’, BBC News, 2 November, 2009.

Consequences of the "Chilean Miracle": The Salmon Farms and the Privatization of the Sea

Raúl Zibechi

Overfishing has caused a great health, environment, social, and
economic crisis.

The so-called "Chilean Miracle" is based on three pilars: the high price of copper, the production of celulose driven by Pinochet's dictatorship, and the salmon industry, which have expanded in the current democracy. But overfishing has caused a great health, environment, social, and economic crisis.

A little over a thousand kilometers south of Santiago, from Puerto Montt and across the Chacao Canal on boat, is the fantastic island of Chiloé, where vast plains and hills are dotted by various shades of green sprouts due to abundant southern rains. In the spring, the symphony of green is scattered with numerous wild flowers, yellow, purple, and red, while myrtles, oak trees, hazlenut trees, and pangue plants stand out on the hills.

Each year, these forests receive 2,000 milimeters of rainfall; they are covered with fern and moss, and together with the native trees they form a mystical atmosphere. The rich biodiversity of the island and the presence of native animal and plant species impressed Charles Darwin in the 19th century. At the time he believed that the potato originated in Chiloé. Although later it was proven that it originated in southern Peru, the island is home to some 400 varieties of potatoes, the same ones consumed by the majority of the world today.

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