Some Facts You Should Know About Fukushima

Paul Craig Roberts/Takashi Hirose

Readers have asked that I write about Fukushima. About all I can tell you with confidence is that we are getting no more truth about Fukushima from the presstitute media than we are about any other subject.

As I understand it, which I hope is incorrectly, Fukushima has the prospect, if the wrong events occur, of essentially eliminating Japan as a country.

Why Japan, the only country to suffer attack by nuclear weapons, made the decision to rely on nuclear plants for its electricity is a mystery. Perhaps the Japanese government was pressured by Washington to accept US nuclear energy technology as a form of tribute payment.

Whether or not Japan under Washington's thumb was a coerced market for Westinghouse, Fukushima is sending radiation into the Pacific Ocean and, apparently, into the groundwater that supplies Tokyo. If the fuel rods that must be removed from a damaged building ignite, calamity will result.

Consider how was it possible for the Japanese, an intelligent people, to locate the Fukushima nuclear energy plants in a tsunami coastal area. This decision shows a lack of any thought whatsoever. Elsewhere nuclear energy plants are located on earthquake faults. Ongoing climate change subjects others to forest fires.

Nuclear energy plants are now sprinkled all over the developed world. Each and every one is subject to accident. An accident, and sustainable life ends for that area of the world. Has human greed for cheap energy destroyed the earth?

Nuclear energy is said to be "clean." But, of course, radiation is not clean, and its death dealing power lasts a very long time. Will shortsighted greed, at the expense of the future, exterminate all life on earth?

No one in the western orbit should expect any answer from the bought-and-paid-for-government.

The US is an insane power like the Nazis

John Robles

An Interview With Edward Herman. PART I here

The United States is behaving like an insane power, like the threat of the Nazis back in the 1930s and 40s. It’s out of control, and it’s engaging in war after war, violating international law and considers itself to be above the law. It is also the richest country in the world but it’s having trouble feeding its own citizens while preparing for yet another war. Dr. Edward Herman spoke to the Voice of Russia stating that and more, he also said it is time that the international community rose up and brought the US under control and has to take much more vigorous, hostile actions against the US war threats. He also called the Secretary General of NATO and NATO a menace and part of a US program for global domination. The world has to wake up and stop it!

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Dr. Edward Herman. He is Professor Emeritus at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the author of several books, namely “Manufacturing Consent”, which he wrote with Noam Chomsky, and the “Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics”.

Robles: My next question is: isn’t the US financially “stressed out” maybe if you would put it… to engage in yet another war? Is this financially viable for the US or maybe a move to actually save the economy?

Herman: For those of us that are critical of US policy, of the situation with respect to the use of resources, it’s amazing! The United States is in a financial crisis. It’s cutting back on all kinds of public expenditures, on Food Stamps, it’s cutting back on its schools and it’s really stripped for resources, and here it’s about to go into another war which is going to be extremely costly.

So we’re dealing with a country that is kind of a little “crazy”. It has unlimited resources for its military policies and its wars abroad but it’s struggling to provide for its own citizens. It’s amazing! This may be a good part why the public is against this war. The public is troubled, it’s getting very poor support from its government. And yet this government is preparing for another war of choice! It’s really quite amazing.

Public Is Catching On, U.S. Economy Is War Based

Charles E. Carlson

Wars are deadly adventures orchestrated to keep the domestic economy churning, but the public is not suppose to suspect it. The seemingly spontaneous, overwhelming negative public response to President Obama’s campaign to bomb Syria is as encouraging sign that some are catching on. America’s grass roots war resistance has been slow in coming, long after many European politicians, goaded by their own constituencies, refused to play the U.S. Administration’s war-game in Syria.

It is significant that few if any of the hundreds of diverse groups resisting war are doing so in support of the Assad dynasty; at best, President Bashar al-Assad is looked upon as the better dictator; at worst, as a naked tyrant. My most unique source, Karriem Shabazz, was, for the safety of his young family, recently forced to leave his adopted Syria and a satisfying life he had built there as an English teacher for 15 years. Dr. Shabazz recently stated in an interview, “Why doesn’t America know this and mind its own business? Don’t we have enough expensive problems? Are we going over there with drones and increase the collateral damage that may kill as many or more women and children as Bashaar al-Assad has done?” (1)

President Obama billed the attack that did not happen as a punishment for Bashar al-Assad. We will teach him a lesson he will not forget, is the twisted rationale for starting another killing war-game. It is not unlike an imprecation practiced by some branches of Talmudic Judaism that loads all of a group’s sins on a scapegoat or chicken, and then slaughters the sacrifice to get rid of the sins. Mr Obama would blame the sins of the Middle East on Bashar al-Assad and bomb the Syrian people to punish Assad. What can his real reason be? Why are we always in the process of going to war with a country C that seems totally insignificant, while we are still bombing and droning country B, and while our 10 year old war with Country A is only now winding down?

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