Remembering Gore Vidal

Stephen Lendman

Gore Vidal spent decades criticizing the religious right, US imperialism, perpetual wars, political extremism in the name of national security, America's military/industrial complex, and other political, social and economic injustices.

On July 31, Gore Vidal died from complications of pneumonia at his Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles home. He was 86. Many labels characterize him: distinguished author, essayist, playwright, historian, acerbic sociopolitical/cultural critic, freethinker, intellectual, and humanist. In 2009, the American Humanist Association (AHA) named him honorary president. Los Angeles Times writer Elaine Woo called him a "gadfly on the national conscience" and "literary juggernaut." He was that and much more. He'll be missed.

New York Times writer Charles McGrath said he was "an Augustan figure who believed himself to be the last of a breed, and he was probably right. Few American writers have been more versatile or gotten more mileage from their talent."
Random House editor Jason Epstein called him "an American version of Montaigne."
As an essayist, New York Time Book Review writer RWB Lewis said he was "so good that we cannot do without him. He (was) a treasure of state."
London Guardian writer Richard Lea called him "one of the towering figures of American cultural and political life for more than six decades."

America: from a shining city on a hill to virtual Jewish fiefdom

Khalid Amayreh

The moral callousness and depravity eroding America, mainly as a result of Jewish domination, will boomerang sooner or later.

One of the grim signs underscoring the utter corruption of the American political environment is the ongoing tuneful and vapid contest between incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney to win the heart of the Zionist state of Israel.

The two are behaving like determined political whores, hell-bent on wining the biggest show on earth, without the slightest concern for or compunction about the moral price of their obscene embrace of the Jewish golem.

Israel is undoubtedly a crime against humanity; this is what it essentially was when the brat was misbegotten 64 years ago, and this is what it has always been ever since, a diabolical entity living and thriving on aggression, bellicosity and war.

Indeed, the fact that almost every American politician, let alone the President of the Republic, feels obliged to grovel at Israel's feet, or else commit political suicide, illustrates the moral degeneration corroding America's collective conscience.

Alas! How could 320 million Americans, considered among the smartest in the world, have allowed a few rich Jews to eviscerate America of its soul and moral values, so much so that the country of Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Madison, and Washington, has effectively succumbed to the harlot, becoming a willing whore eager to serve and appease the rapacious Jewish pimp?

John Winthrop dreamed of a shining city on a hill, must be turning in their graves, seeing their country teetering under the evil Jewish yoke, a yoke that has morphed America from a shining city on a hill, into a Goliath sword, spreading evil, oppression and death everywhere.

Washington's Aleppo Strategy Failed

Stephen Lendman

Since WW II, America lost every war it waged. Its only success was destroying nations and murdering millions. Imagine that legacy for current and future historians to address. Imagine how few will do it accurately and honorably. Imagine a nation glorifying wars in the name of peace.

Historians Charles Beard and Gore Vidal called them "perpetual war(s) for perpetual peace." Historian Harry Elmer Barnes addressed the same issue, saying:

"If trends continue....we shall soon reach this point of no return, and can only anticipate interminable wars, disguised as noble gestures for peace." "Such an era could only culminate in a third world war which might well, as Arnold J. Toynbee has suggested, leave only the pygmies in remote jungles, or even the apes and ants, to carry on 'the cultural traditions' of mankind."

Wars to end all future ones is popular fiction. Woodrow Wilson wanted war and got it. So did Roosevelt, Truman, and other US presidents. Wars and violence define America. They're normal, commonplace, and unending. Peace, tranquility, and security are illusions. So are democratic values and rule of law principles.

Pacifism in America is considered sissy and unpatriotic. Wars of aggression are called liberating ones. Patriotism means supporting them. It's also about advancing the nation's imperium at the expense of vital homeland needs and security.

Imagine what's coming if this madness isn't stopped. Nothing in prospect looks promising. Media scoundrels promote war. They cheerlead it. They glorify what they should condemn.

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