Doubt Not That We Shall Found The City

Hilary Norman

Doubt Not That We Shall Found The City” came to Hilary Norman as a clairaudient experience. She writes:

“The reception of these words was preceded by what may best be described as a spiritual experience. Not only spiritual, but earthed by visible remains. Alone in a Scottish glade, two summers ago, I became aware of an uncomfortable, and unaccountable, sense of suffocation. Accustomed to the often difficult results of having an empathic nature, I searched for a cause and found mounds, covered with moss and trefoil. I began to peel back this layer and only stopped when I felt myself again. A number of stones had lain beneath. Two were especially beautiful. One a fallen standing stone, its surface rippled with grey, cream and pale terra-cotta. Nearby a large crystal in the shape of an egg. Sat beside the latter, I heard a single note that seemed a part of it. I call it the Singing Stone. And its song was of a deep and ageless place where all endeavour is reconciled. Once raised, much later, the standing stone could be seen clearly. The shallow surface ripples formed a face, indiscernible at close quarters. An expression that blends the bleakness of the Easter Island statues with the calmness of certain Buddhas. And a few days later on a train to Perth, surrounded by Scottish boy cubs with packets of crisps, a voice began to speak to me.”

Doubt Not That We Shall Found The City

Doubt not that we shall found the city,
the time of waiting is nigh, preparations are at hand.
Self-healing is accomplished not by one but by many.
You are all brothers and sisters in God.
You already know the truth
it is always at the kernel of life.
The process is towards a greater clarity in each and everyone.
There is no divide.
You have to learn to stand firm in spirit
among & under all circumstance.
The founding depends on this.
This shall be the foundation,
there shall be no other.
Do not doubt the truth is firm within you.
This time is the uncovering of this truth.
From this all else will flow.

The crystal stone speaks of the deep silence beyond time
wherein the spirit has its source.
The spirit is not separate from you,
this is also your source,
wherein you shall dwell.

The stone face speaks of all that is prior.
It speaks of patience and the waiting
prior to the knowledge of the spirit
where you shall dwell.

Tell me about the foundation.”

It is not of one but of many,
not by one alone may the stone be raised.

Tell me about the foundation.”

The foundation stone is the incorporation of revealed truth
not of one but of many.
The foundation is the spirit made flesh in time.
The flesh in time enables the spirit to move.
Without this it is static and has no movement,
nor can it speak.

That is why I was angry at your immobility, at your lack of action.”

You did not understand this. The spirit exists outside of flesh.
The spirit is in the air you breathe.
It is in the sight of your eye,
in the sounds of your ear.
It breathes through your touch.
It is not separate in any way.
To pray is to open to the spirit in time.
To incorporate is to exist in time,
wherein the purpose.
The purpose is the seed of its own fulfilment.
You carry the seed of your own fulfilment
of the purpose of the spirit,
so that it may move in time,
though it exists beyond time.
This is the meaning of,
Thy will be done. [†]


Speak to me of the foundation.”

It exists in time but its effect shall be –
has always been – outside of time.
Others will come who know this to be true.
You are not alone.
The spirit is uncovering.
It is the work of the spirit to uncover.
This is the meaning of
Bring to birth. [*]
It is an opening – flowering –
all that is before the opening,
is simply before the opening.
The spirit cannot flow
until the opening has been achieved.
You already know what is to be done.
You simply uncover it.

Why can't you reveal this?

The state of uncovering should be experienced in time,
though the move towards the uncovering,
the source of that movement,
exists outside of time.
You are not separate.

Each step must be experienced to fully understand
the uncovering.

Tell me about truth and illusion.”

The truth is the spirit, illusion is the state before the uncovering of the spirit.
Everything that dwells in life is incorporate spirit.

Are you of the golden people?

Yes I was with you then.

Tell me about 'I'.”

I am spirit.
I am not incorporate spirit. I am not you yet we are not separate, for in spirit there are no separation. Separation is not possible. Only before the uncovering of spirit, is it possible to believe this. This is because spirit is uncovered, as the stones were covered.

Were you there at the uncovering of the stones?

Yes you saw me.


Not with eyes but in the uncovering of the stones, did you see.
The stones incorporate spirit within a larger time
but they speak what is outside of time.

Do you know how difficult this is now?

It is hard for me to see. There is a lot to be done. I am here to guide you. You must help me on this.

* * *

[] Matthew 26:42 - He went away again the second time, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done. (KJV) [For context: Matthew 26.]

[*] Micah 4:10 - Be in pain, and labor to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, Like a woman in birth pangs. For now you shall go forth from the city, You shall dwell in the field, And to Babylon you shall go. There you shall be delivered; There the LORD will redeem you From the hand of your enemies. (KJV) [For context: Micah 4.]

From "Transformation: The Poetry of Spiritual Consciousness", Editor Jay Ramsay, RGP, 1988.

Illustration: Spirit Whispers. URL


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