The Eternal Return

R. B. Johannessen

My aching lips would tremble...barely...
And would whisper...God? – Please
Speak of the eons in search of...This.

And a silent peace came over me. I sensed
A loving presence...oh Holy Spirit!
His quiet Voice then spoke to me...

                              — ♣ —

God is inconceivable, indescribable, unfathomable.
And eternally so. Being Life, He created The Holy Spirit
To bridge the distance, so we can feel closer to Him.
This is our highest conception of God, The Inscrutable One.

The human soul hails from the spirit world; our mind comes from matter.
Our soul is eternal and belongs to God. Matter is ephemeral and lifeless.
The dichotomy between Spirit and matter is fundamental,
Being the dichotomy between what is Life and what is not.

Coming from the Spirit, our soul is independent of matter
And partakes of Eternal Life.
Coming from the body, our mind is dependent upon it,
And is extinguished along with it.

Before the body was, the matter was there.
Before the mind was, the body was there.
Before the soul was, the Spirit was there.
Before the Spirit was, God was there.

But this is the mystery: For the briefest of moments,
The soul tenderly touches matter and infuses it
With Life. Until that moment, the matter had been barren.
After the soul departs, the matter again is lifeless.

Still, for this precious moment, the soul and body
seemed to interact. Yet at death, the body is gone forever.
But the soul is free again and joyfully soars.
This is the eternal return. To God, the Enduring One.


Photo: © PickPic: Royalty-Free photo. The author writes poetry here. [ ]


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