The Sacrament of the Present Moment

Mark Mallet

As I have written here frequently, I believe that Heaven’s treasuries are wide-open. That God is pouring tremendous graces upon whomever will ask for them in these days of change.

The question then, is how to receive these graces. While God may pour them out in very miraculous or supernatural ways, such as in the Sacraments, I believe they are constantly available to us through the ordinary course of our daily lives. To be more precise, they are to be found in the present moment.


I define the present moment as "the only point where reality exists." I say this because too many of us spend most of our time living in the past, which no longer exists; or we live in the future, which hasn’t happened yet. To live in the future or the past, is to live in an illusion. To build a house on sand is unwise; building our lives on illusions is no more stable.

At a New Year’s Eve celebration, my wife and I were sitting at a table with friends, laughing and enjoying the celebrations, when suddenly a man at the table across from us slumped off his chair onto the floor. Gone—just like that. Thirty minutes later, the guy who attempted CPR on the deceased, was now lifting a child into the air to pop balloons hanging over the dance floor. The contrast—the frailty of life—was startling.

Any one of us could die in the next second. That’s why it is senseless to be anxious about anything. -Anything.

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