Anyone over 60, disabled, chronically ill or poor will probably be dead by 2030

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

"Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise;
For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue." (From Psalm 109)

Anyone over 60 years of age, disabled, chronically ill or poor will probably be dead by the year 2030, killed by a euthanasia programme which is rapidly going global and which is out of control.

The euthanasia squad will kill you, your family and your friends unless you speak out now. This is the population control plan they have been working towards.

Euthanasia is going global in the same way that the covid fraud went global. And, just as with covid, celebrities all over the world are advocating `doctor assisted suicide’.

If you thought that face masks and the covid jab were fashionable, just wait until you see what happens as the euthanasia bandwagon rolls onwards.

Since I last wrote about euthanasia, Ecuador has joined the growing list of countries endorsing euthanasia. In Peru, a psychologist with a muscle disease has already died from `doctor assisted suicide’. Make no mistake about it: euthanasia is spreading and is now more popular than Taylor Swift.

Here’s what happens when a child starves to death

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

There seems to be some confusion about what Israel is doing in Gaza. So, let’s be clear.

By stopping the provision of food and water supplies, the Israelis have been deliberately, cold-bloodedly slaughtering babies and children. The ones who haven’t been shot or blown up have been starved to death.

Fortunately, most of us in the West have no idea what starving to death is really like. So, let me explain. The process of starvation starts with stomach cramps and intense pains. There is a loss of energy and sufferers feel extremely tired.

Babies and children who are starving will cry incessantly and will eat anything they can find – mud, grass, gravel, dust. They will eat anything in an attempt to fill their bloated stomachs.

Their hearts beat faster and their breathing slows. They are overwhelmed with a feeling of thirst. Their eyes appear glazed and distant. Their muscles shrink. They look pale and feel dizzy. It is a slow, torturous, painful process.

Eventually, the child becomes so weak that they cannot cry. They just whimper. Their breath smells of acetone as their body burns its tissues. When the fat stores are gone the body eats its muscles. Without protein, the cells die. The kidneys fail. And then the children fall asleep. And then they die.

The underestimated power of the placebo

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Note: The following essay is taken from a longer essay in the book 'Memories 3by Dr Vernon Coleman

Everyone has heard of witch doctors casting spells. It is well known, and well documented, that seemingly healthy individuals have died within weeks or even days of being cursed by a witch doctor of some kind. The power of the mind is difficult to under-estimate. A man or woman in a white coat can be, unwittingly, just as powerful as a witch doctor dressed in feathers and performing a mystical dance.

The word ‘placebo’ has been used since 1811 to denote a medicine given more to please than to benefit the patient. It is perhaps a rather unfair definition, for though the placebo may have no active effect it may nevertheless have a definite and useful psychological effect.

An alternative name sometimes used is ‘dummy tablet’ as the constituent of a placebo is traditionally nothing more than lactose or starch. As well as being used to treat patients, placebos can be used to test patients and to test other remedies. Sir William Gull, a 19th century physician who, annoyed and disturbed by claims for many treatments said to be useful for rheumatic fever, published a tongue in cheek paper extolling the virtues of mint as a cure. He selected mint at random but was amazed to see that his mint water treatment became fashionable and apparently effective.

This is the End

Dr Vernon Coleman

I’m told that rich, posh people put their children down for Eton before they are born – probably before they are conceived. Well, these days, we have to make an appointment to see a doctor before we fall ill and an appointment for an ambulance before we need one. And you have to book a heating engineer well before the central heating boiler breaks down.

I forgot to fix a breakdown appointment when we had hot radiators and hot water so we’ve been freezing for ages and we’re likely to stay freezing – probably until the summer, if we get one this year. After last year’s cold, nasty summer I can’t remember what sunshine feels like. Hence the hat, scarf and gloves I’m afraid. Oh, how I wish someone would invent some way to warm up the planet.

Actually, the failure of our boiler is more interesting than you might think. As you doubtless know birds won’t roost near to the 5G transmitters which have been erected all over the world. We used to have a parliament of crows living in trees close to our house. A transmitter was put up in the lane recently and the crows have moved house. At the same time workmen in a plain van appeared and spent two days digging up our lane. There didn’t seem to be a reason

Within weeks of this happening our phones stopped working, our Wi-Fi became so erratic that it takes hours to put up articles and videos on our already heavily attacked sites, our TV and DVD player remote controls stopped working, our freezer broke, our cooker gave up the ghost and, yes, you’ve guessed it, our boiler stopped working due to an electronic problem of some kind. Oh, and the car’s electronics went on holiday. And we’ve both had worrying and slightly mysterious headaches. Coincidence? I think not. I don’t believe in them these days. The dirty tricks get dirtier.

The Richest are Leaving the Country

Dr Vernon Coleman

The richest people in Britain are leaving. Over half a million wealthy taxpayers left Britain last year and were replaced by over a million immigrants looking for free money and free housing. The end result was a net increase in population of over 700,000. And the result of that is that the nation’s infrastructure has failed – roads, transport, health care, water supplies, sewage disposal, education and everything else would be considered a disgrace in fourth world country.

Just where the rich are going is something of a mystery since there are no safe, secure countries left and all countries are introducing the same lunatic laws at much the same pace. The chances are that if you leave country A and go to country B to escape horrendous new restrictions, the same restrictions will be introduced in country B before you’ve had time to unpack and find somewhere to live.

It does seem to me, however, that living in a large town or city is the worst choice. In a town or city you are more likely to be at the mercy of town planners and politicians determined to stamp their control on your life and to restrict your movements. In the wilds of the countryside you might find transport difficult if cars are banned or fuel supplies strictly controlled. The best choice is probably a small town or large village somewhere with a home within cycling distance of a railway station and a supermarket. And fewer CCTV cameras than you’re likely to find in a town or a city.

Eventually, of course, small towns and villages will be closed and the inhabitants moved out. The buildings will be left, abandoned, eventually growing to look like those drowned villages which emerge when reservoirs dry up in long, hot summers.

We all have to reassess our priorities and to recognise that nothing that is happening is happening by accident. Too much attention is being paid to effect and not enough to cause.

Covid-19 and Vaccination Horrors

Dr Vernon Coleman

Health services around the world are now devoted to vaccination programmes. Neither doctors nor nurses seem to give a damn about evidence or their ethical responsibilities to their patients.

The evidence proving that the covid-19 jab is useless and unsafe is overwhelming. Even governments now admit that the jab won’t prevent you getting covid-19 or spreading it if you do get it. And the figures for the disease itself have been distorted and fiddled. I’ve proved conclusively that covid-19, the re-branded flu, has not killed more people than the ordinary flu. Not surprisingly, no one will debate the figures with me because the official statistics prove my point emphatically.

I know that establishment figures will never debate – because all the facts are on my side and they will lose – but we have to tell people, and keep telling people, that the authorities refuse to debate because their refusal proves that they are lying and deceiving and that they know they are lying and deceiving.

It has been proved beyond question that the short-term risks for those accepting the covid-19 jabs are horrific – worse than the risks associated with any traditional, mass market vaccine that’s ever been made. It was known in late 2020, two years ago, that the covid-19 jabs would cause heart trouble, strokes, neurological problems, myocarditis and pericarditis.

Gaza – Hidden Truths

Dr Vernon Coleman

The war in Gaza is our war. But if you’re American or British then you are clearly supporting the wrong side in the war. Your government is complicit in the worst genocide in living memory; a ruthless territorial grab and brutal ethnic cleansing disguised as revenge killing.

At the United Nations, thirteen nations voted to demand a cease fire – to stop the Israelis continuing their slaughter of babies and children and old people in Gaza.

Two countries did not vote for peace. The United States of America, under Biden, vetoed the vote – which means they voted to allow Israel to continue the slaughter. What’s the difference between supporting Israel’s genocide and supporting Germany during the Second World War? If there is a difference I cannot see it.

A genocide is a genocide is a genocide is a genocide is a genocide.

Biden effectively said to Israel: `It’s OK to kill as many children as you like. Here are some bullets and bombs which you can use.’

The United Kingdom, under Sunak, sat on the fence and abstained. In practice this means that Sunak also said `Carry on Murdering’. Sunak, like war criminal Blair, is an American poodle. He barks when he’s told to bark. And he does nothing when he is told to do nothing.

As I predicted at the start of the Iraq war, Blair became very rich. What’s Sunak’s price? Whatever it is, the result is that Britain has stamped the genocide with Sunak’s seal of approval. This is the worst, most cold-blooded war crime in modern history, and Sunak has turned his back on decency, com-passion and honour. Why I am not surprised.

Israel, as some brave Jews now agree, has weaponised the `holocaust’ and uses history as its perennial get out of jail free card. Netanyahu and the Zionists seem to think that history gives them special rights – and entitles them to behave contrary to human, moral and criminal laws.

Why Israel Really Invaded Gaza The shocking truth behind the Genocide

Dr Vernon Coleman

It is mid November 2023 and this is video number 331 [check below] – all since I first exposed the covid fraud in February and March of 2020, and, at the same time, predicted a plan for a compulsory vaccination programme – long before they even had a vaccine.

Word has reached me that there are still a few people in the world who don’t understand why Israel is intent on destroying Gaza, killing the inhabitants, including babies and children, and taking over control of the land, coastline and sea bed. Thinking people find it difficult to understand why any nation should commit so many war crimes and enthusiastically welcome its status as the world’s latest rogue state, a terrorist nation guilty of the worst genocide most people can remember witnessing. Hospitals, ambulances, and refugee camps have all been bombed. You can’t get much worse than that. Babies and small children have been slaughtered. The sick, the frail and the elderly have been denied food, water and fuel. And the Israelis seem unembarrassed by an endless stream of lies. We weren’t there. It wasn’t our fault. Martians dropped those bombs. The dog ate our homework. I’ve seen videos which have appalled me and left me with images I’ll never eradicate from my mind.

If a murderer runs amok in a town you don’t go around killing everyone you can find – just because you can. Humans don’t slaughter babies and small children without a shred of regret or shame. But that’s what has been happening. The Israelis attacked hospitals and claimed that Hamas were hiding behind the bedpans. And what did they find? Shergar, the crew of the Marie Celeste, Lord Lucan and an old water pistol – which wasn’t any use because the Israelis have cut off all the water.

Wicked, Wicked Doctors

Dr Vernon Coleman

Doctors writing in the British Medical Journal have called for the medical profession to do less screening of patients and to cut back on prescribing treatment – ‘to help combat climate change’. Doctors called for global warming concerns to be put above patients’ interests.

Let’s get this straight: the medical establishment wants to cut back on diagnosing cancer early in order to save Big Ben from disappearing under 100 foot waves a week on Wednesday. This is terrifyingly wicked.

The climate emergency is the true health crisis of our time,’ is the message from the medical establishment. Doctors’ leaders appear to have had their brains removed and replaced with those of 12-year-olds. The members of the medical establishment who believe this should all be certified insane and put into a coma to protect the public from their deranged utterings.

The nonsense from the BMA is pouring out these days. For example, the BMA now says that Britain needs another 60,000 doctors. Britain doesn’t need any more doctors. Dare I suggest that the NHS needs the GPs on the payroll to do what they’re paid for – which is to see patients?

GPs Kill Retail but Hospitals Kill Wholesale

Dr Vernon Coleman

Hospitals are terrible places. People die in them. You should go to hospital only as a last resort. And you should escape the minute you can.

As a doctor, I am ashamed, saddened, and embarrassed to have to tell you this but hospital patients are routinely neglected, humiliated and left in pain. Thousands of patients have died as a result of poor treatment. One independent inquiry documented cases where patients had been left unwashed for up to a month and left without food, drink, and medical treatment. The conclusion was that managers had been ‘preoccupied with cost-cutting, targets and processes’ and had lost sight of their basic responsibilities. Astonishingly, none of the managers responsible was taken to court. Nor were any of the doctors and nurses punished.

I have little doubt that in all the hospitals where patients have been dying unnecessarily the staff (including doctors and nurses) managed to convince themselves that they were providing patients with excellent service.

And, equally, I have no doubt that an enormous number of patients relatives, and hospital visitors must have ignored all these awful things and believed that the hospitals concerned were doing a wonderful job.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to hear that the managers responsible for all this pain, agony, and death, have thick files of letters from patients and relatives thanking them for the excellent care.

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