The Ukrainian biolabs: the globalist plan to exterminate the Russian people

Cesare Sacchetti

There is a secret dark hidden story of Ukraine of which the Western public opinion knows nothing about.

The image that the people of the Western countries have of Ukraine is one filtered by the MSM. According to this propagandistic and fairy-tale image, there was a successful “democratic transition” in Ukraine that removed “authoritarian figures” in order to finally walk towards liberal democracy.

Of course, we know that this process is called a “color revolution”, and it is far from being democratic. Actually, its features are quite violent and authoritarian as we explained and analyzed in the previous article. A color revolution is nothing other than an engineered political process whose only purpose is to overthrow those governments that represent a “threat” for the globalist powers that rule the NATO and the EU.

Ukraine was no exception to this subversive process. Puppet governments were installed in power over the past few years but this country has been far to reach any “democratic” stability.

The governments that were remotely controlled by Washington have turned Ukraine into a hotbed of international crime. There was certainly a geopolitical reason to oust the pro-Russia Presidents who governed Ukraine but, at the same time, there was also a criminal reason.

It is the dark side of Ukraine that the Western MSM is not mentioning in any of its hysterical pro-Nazi propaganda.

Viganò:”those who resist the NWO will have the help and protection of God”

Cesare Sacchetti
Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

There is a man that in this moment terrifies the hierarchy of the anti-Catholic church of Bergoglio. This man has been the object of tremendous and evil attacks by the mainstream media. They have been trying to smear him and depict him as a criminal or like someone who is putting in great danger to society. This man is Archbishop Viganò. His Excellency has become like a polar star of hope for those Catholics and even non-believers who have thirst for justice and common sense in this upside-down world. Viganò has been speaking calmly but his gentle voice has terrified the powerful people of the world. Viganò has exposed the Great Reset and the plan to destroy mankind. He clearly denounced the infiltration of Freemasonry into society and into the Church.

In other words, Viganò’s guilt is the one of having said the truth like a humble pastor of God. In this interview that His Excellency granted us, he once again tells us in what kind of historical period we are living. He also consoles us by reminding us that being persecuted for loving God and having Faith is the greatest honor that we may have. This is probably why so many people look at this man in this historical period. He’s one of the few pastors that can speak simply to the hearts of the common men. Here you can find his words addressed to any one of us.

The Green Pass for workers: why Italy is under the attack of the New World Order

Cesare Sacchetti

When Italian PM Mario Draghi and the members of his cabinet showed up in the briefing room to announce an unprecedented restriction of the fundamental rights, such as the right to work, he looked quite nervous and unsure.

For the first time in world history, a government has established that a worker has no right to work unless he gets an experimental vaccine, or he accepts to performing swab tests every 48 hours. No government in the world has gone so far in the execution of the Great Reset, which is the Davos plan to usher in a new global authoritarian society.

In this dystopic political model, there are basically two classes of citizens: on one hand, there are those who surrender to the regime and accept being used as guinea pigs to get the experimental serum; on the other, there are those who do not comply, and who are banned from civil society because they refused to become slaves of this new totalitarian world.

However, what we are seeing is not something that is the result of a totalitarian regime of the past century. What we are seeing is the direct result of the so-called liberal democracies. Before proceeding with our analysis, we should consider the failure of this political system; democracy, which has been mistakenly regarded as the best possible government model for many decades. The COVID terrorist operation has led many people to a rude awakening. Democracy is not the promised land that we have been taught. Democracy is the mirage of a false Eden that at a distance seems beautiful and flawless, but when you reach it, you discover a whole different reality.

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