Ross: Yellow Star

George Szirtes

Skeletal Gazan Youth

Daniel O'Phelan

I gatti lo sapranno / The Cats Will Know

Cesare Pavese

Translated By Geoffrey Brock

In a Field


Seamus Heaney
(In Memoriam — 13 April 1939 – 30 August 2013)

The End of Summer

Rachel Hadas


Tamim Al-Barghouti
Translation: Radwa Ashour

Invitation to Love

Paul Laurence Dunbar

People Who Died

Ted Berrigan


Kai Carlson-Wee

The Ice Age

Amy Gerstler

A million years ago the earth grew cold. Iowa was covered by twenty-five hundred feet of ice. No one knows why the glaciers formed and spread, or why they eventually retreated.

I blinked and you were gone.

As a boy, he loved the idea of the ice age. Lumbering woolly mammoths and giant sloths. Outside, a vast white edict erasing the landscape. Inside his head, cave paintings of bison leapt in the firelight, their horns spiraling upward, the tips smoking.

Men on skis came to dig you out. Though they worked all night, they were too late.

Waking every day the frost reasserts itself. Its relentlessness a tedium, a closure. The earth must have looked more familiar when all was water. We don’t recognize ourselves amidst this overwhelming winter: static that censors newscasts, cold that burns, incessant dripping as icicles perfect themselves. The night skies are a riot of Chinese silk: bolts of crimson and shadow-blue. The radio crackles faintly.

Medical refuse litters the beaches, spews into the water from a backed up sewer under the pier. Bacteria cavort in the seawater. The weather’s gone haywire all over the globe. The more sensitive you are the earlier you’ll die. Just hold your breath a little longer, dear.

Once you start this medication, you can’t stop. Your life changes. You decide, based on a dearth of information, which force you want to submit to: nature, now less maternal than ever, or her idiot son—modern medicine.

You make an effort to find some grand design in this blindness. If you can’t see well enough anymore to edit your film, perhaps you can still do the music. You set an example. ― Lemme outa here.

The world is too much with us

William Wordsworth

And Death Shall Have No Dominion


George Herbert

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