Permalink 'They’ll try to shut you down': Meeting Assange & the non-stop 'War on RT'

Last week, while in London, I went to see Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy. We talked off the record of course, so I won’t divulge too much, but will post only what Julian insisted on making public. Before it’s too late. Assange shared an enlightening story about a Kurdish TV station that had been shut down in Denmark. The story, like so many others – from diplomatic cables with undiplomatic comments to hundreds of uninvestigated war crimes in Iraq – came to his attention through a leaked cryptogram. Once upon a time there was a Kurdish TV network in Denmark. It would just as happily 'be' anywhere else, but more fitting markets were off limits to the channel. The station, Roj TV, was aimed at Turkish Kurds, and that made the Turkish authorities very angry. Turkish officials pressed their NATO ally Denmark to shut down the TV channel under some plausible pretext. But Denmark was reluctant, saying that multiple inspections didn’t find any propaganda of terrorism and there were no grounds to close it down. Such things weren’t done there; Denmark, after all, is a democracy. 'Democracy' did not prevail for long.

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Paul Craig Roberts In his Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Federal Assembly that Washington’s plan for Russia is to break the country into pieces as was done to Yugoslavia. The American scenario for Russia is “disintegration and dismemberment.” Putin reminded Washington that speaking to Russia from a position of force is futile and will lead Washington to the same fate as Hitler. Putin also noted that Washington’s disregard for its own and international law had made the United States into a lawless state that is a danger to the world. Most of Putin’s address is about Russia’s development plans. At every stage of these plans Putin stresses that the focus is on the welfare of the Russian population, not on the creation of a small class of rich elites. Education, healthcare, and the social welfare system are a public benefit for all citizens. “Attention to the people cannot be faked.” Self-respect and honor are the basis for reputation, and the reputation of hospitals, schools, universities, and social institutions are important to the Russia’s reputation. There is no belligerence in Putin’s address. We do not go about seeking enemies, he told the Assembly. Russia will cooperate with any country on an equal basis, but Russia will not be an American vassal. Here is the URL to a rushed official translation of Putin’s address. Nuances and some precision of meaning and word choices are lost to time demands.

Paul Craig Roberts Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners
The Saker Disgusted, Russia officially gives up any pretense of “dialog” with the AngloZionist Empire
pravda.ru: Putin: Russia will never follow instructions from the West


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Robert Parry A top problem of Ukraine has been corruption and cronyism, so it may raise eyebrows that new Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, an ex-U.S. diplomat and newly minted Ukrainian citizen, was involved in insider dealings while managing a $150 million U.S. AID-backed investment fund. Ukraine’s new Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, a former U.S. State Department officer who was granted Ukrainian citizenship only this week, headed a U.S. government-funded investment project for Ukraine that involved substantial insider dealings, including $1 million-plus fees to a management company that she also controlled.

Permalink ‘Assange case - a witch-hunt by Swedish govt pressed by US’

The US, the UK, and Sweden feel threatened by the WikiLeaks data release in 2010, so they work in tandem to keep Julian Assange locked up in London in fear of being sent to the US to face a grand jury, social campaigner Clark Stoeckley told RT. It is four years since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was accused of rape and sexual assault and two years since he fled into Ecuador's embassy in London.


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The US House of Representatives’ resolution passed Tuesday declares not only war against Russia, but a war for Kiev against Donetsk and Lugansk, Daniel McAdams, executive director at the Ron Paul Institute, told RT. Vladimir Putin is “isolating Russia completely internationally,” claimed US President Barack Obama on Wednesday. He also said that he is “not optimistic that Putin will suddenly change his mind-set… which is part of the reason why we're going to continue to maintain that pressure.” The House of Representatives is discussing a resolution that condemns Russian actions in Ukraine. The motion describes Russia as “an authoritarian regime,” and calls for the reinforcement of NATO and the sale of US natural gas to Europe so they don’t need to buy energy from Russia. Paul Craig Roberts Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners

Permalink US provoking war with Russia that could result in total destruction: Ron Paul

Former American lawmaker Ron Paul says the United States is provoking a deadly war against Russia that “could result in total destruction” of both countries. Paul made the remarks in an article published on Thursday, after the US House of Representatives passed a resolution that strongly condemned Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.” The two-time Republican presidential candidate called Resolution 758 “to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.” “In fact, the bill was 16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush, if they were capable of such a thing,” he added. Next day, the 79-year-old politician told Russia Today that the resolution was "part of the war propaganda machine."

Paul Craig Roberts Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners || The US House of Representatives has joined Hillary Clinton, Obama, the neoconservatives, Washington’s vassals, and the American and European presstitutes in demonizing Russia and President Putin. The House resolution against Russia is a packet of lies, but that did not stop the resolution from passing by a vote of 411 for and 10 against. The entire world should take note that the American people are capable of electing only ten intelligent representatives. Ten people out of 435 is 2 percent. And yet Washington declares itself to be the “exceptional,” “indispensable” country empowered to exercise hegemony over the world!

Permalink Ukraine Is Inflicting Horrible Civilian Suffering in the East Ukraine

Ukraine, Russia and the ceasefire that never was: When 1,000 people have died in less than three months, when civilians cower in basements and tens of thousands more flee their homes we can no longer speak of a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. It is a fiction. All that has happened is that the front lines have remained static. There are no big offensives going on - for the moment. In light of the evident failure of the ceasefire, talks are today scheduled to take place between military representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the rebels to discuss a new peace deal in the Donetsk region. Despite an apparent truce called at Donetsk Airport on Monday night, fighting there is continuing. In a separate announcement, the rebels of the neighbouring Luhansk region said they had agreed with the Ukrainian military to cease fire on 5 December "in principle". But all the morbid facts of war - the killing, maiming, terrorising - go on every day and night in the east. On the fringes of Donetsk airport the rebels and Ukrainian forces exchange artillery fire. Rifles and machine guns rattle away in the freezing mist. Artillery spotters on both sides watch for movement and call in strikes from the guns and multiple rocket launchers. As we crouched in a trench, shells whistled over and exploded to our rear. We could not tell where they landed. Loud enough to shake the ground and make us hug the earth but far enough away not to shower us with shrapnel. [...] Civilians are frequently killed by artillery strikes. While we were in Donetsk a 12-year-old boy was decapitated and a 55-year-old woman killed in a rocket barrage. Locals blamed the Ukrainian army for that attack. Both sides have caused civilian casualties. The war is being fought mainly in urban areas like Donetsk or the other rebel capital, Luhansk. In Donetsk we saw rebel armour parked next to a basement that was sheltering around 20 elderly people.

Ukraina.ru: Lavrov: Why don’t the BBC and CNN show "Russian troops in Ukraine"?

Permalink Putin, Hollande have meeting at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport

Presidents of Russia and France Putin and Hollande have begun a meeting at the governmental terminal of the Moscow Vnukovo airport. The talks have not been pre-planned, and were agreed within last 24 hours. Hollande is making a stop in Moscow on the way home from Kazakhstan, where he was on a two-day visit. Vladimir Putin is sure the visit of France’s President François Hollande will favour settlement of many international problems. “You have initiated meeting in Normancy to settle the problems you have mentioned. The problems are complicated, but still the discussion we have about them, still gives certain positive results, and I am sure that your visit today, so short, a working visit, will, no doubt, favour settlement of many problems,” Putin said opening a meeting with Hollande. François Hollande said: “Thank you for having found several minutes to talk to me today.” “I believe at some moment it is necessary to overcome the obstacles, the walls, which may separate us, and I believe we can do this,” Hollande said.

AWIP Search: 'mistral'...
Ukraina.ru: French president supports autonomy for Ukraine’s southeast


Permalink West behind falling ruble and oil prices - Russian spy chief

Washington and its allies are pursuing a regime change policy towards Russia, deliberately introducing sanctions and attacking the ruble through manipulation of world oil prices, the head of Russia's external intelligence agency has said. Mikhail Fradkov, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), warned that Moscow is aware of US moves to oust Putin from power. “Such a desire has been noticed, it’s a small secret,” Fradkov - a former prime minister - told Bloomberg on Thursday. “No one wants to see a strong and independent Russia.” He also attributed the more than 30 percent drop in oil price partly to US actions. Lower prices on one of Russia's main exports placed immense pressure on the ruble, which is also suffering from sanctions. The ruble has lost 39 percent of its value against the dollar so far this year. Foreign investment funds are “taking part” in ruble speculation via intermediaries, Fradkov said. “Any speculation has specific schemes and the schemes have a number of participants.”

RT.com: ‘Putin made perfectly clear that Russia won’t be bullied by West’
VIDEO: The US govt bent on world hegemony, Russia stands in its way – Reagan economic ex-advisor
Paul Craig Roberts Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly
The Saker Main Message Of Putin's Big Speech: Russia is Fed Up with Neo-con Aggression

Permalink Russia, Slovakia to Sign 15-Year Deal on Russian Oil Supplies

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and Slovak Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis will sign a deal on the supply of Russian oil to Slovakia, starting from January 2015 until the end of 2029, which will be automatically prolonged every five years after that. Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and Slovak Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis will sign a deal on the supply of Russian oil to Slovakia for the next 15 years on Friday. The deal will be in force from January 2015 until the end of 2029, and will be automatically prolonged every five years after that, if neither of the sides objects, spokesperson for the Slovak Economy Ministry Miriam Ziakova told RIA Novosti Thursday. Russia will supply Slovakia with about 6 million metric tons of oil annually under the new deal, which will replace the previous agreement that expires on December 31, 2014. The same amount of Russian oil will be delivered via Slovakia to Western Europe.

Permalink Why did US, Canada and Ukraine vote against condemning Nazism at the UN?

John Meinhold Call it shameful. Call it a disgrace. On Nov. 21, the United States, Canada and Ukraine voted “No” to a UN resolution condemning the “glorification of Nazism.” When I heard about this, I wondered what my late father, a decorated World War II veteran, who risked his life countless times fighting the Nazis in Europe, would have said. I could find no reporting in the U.S. media about this. Why? Inner City Press, that does investigative reporting on the UN, noted information about this resolution vote “went unreported” in “Western wire services.” Perhaps those in our media should be reminded of the Nuremberg Trials against Nazi leaders for war crimes that curiously began exactly 69 years ago on Nov. 21, 1945. President Vladimir Putin said in a recent interview with the German channel ARD: “Frankly speaking, we are very concerned about any possible ethnic cleansings and Ukraine ending up as a neo-Nazi state. What are we supposed to think if people are bearing swastikas on their sleeves? Or what about the SS emblems that we see on the helmets of some military units now fighting in eastern Ukraine? If it is a civilized state, where are the authorities looking? ” Putin has been criticized that his claim of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is “Russian propaganda.” Take a look for yourself here, here and here.

How the Ukrainian Government is Giving Away Citizenships so Foreigners Can Run the Country


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Vladimir Putin made his Annual Address to the Federal Assembly. As is tradition, the Address took place at the Kremlin’s St George Hall before an audience of more than 1,000 people. In his Address, the President set out his views on the situation in Ukraine and outlined Russia’s position with regard to events taking place there. In the foreign policy section of the Address, Mr Putin also spoke about international security issues and the integration processes taking place in the world.

RT.com: State of the Nation: President Putin addresses Federal Assembly LIVE UPDATES
NBC News: Vladimir Putin: Russia Will Build Ties With Non-Western Countries

Permalink Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth'? OSCE lashes out at Kiev’s new ministry amid journalists’ outcry

Kiev’s decision to create a Ministry of Information is a clear threat to media freedom in Ukraine, said OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic. The government’s plans have also sparked a wave of fury from journalists. Ukraine’s initiative to create a Ministry of Information is a clear threat to media freedom, this is not the way to counter propaganda,” said Dunja Mijatovic on her Twitter account on Wednesday. Mijatovic also tweeted a link to an article called “Ukraine just created its own version of Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth’” citing the classic dystopian novel 1984. “In democracy, a ministry of information can never be an answer for anything related to media, free expression and safety of journos,” she wrote. The media watchdog of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe added that she will bring up the issue at the meeting with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin in Basel on Thursday. The creation of a new so-called Ministry of Information Policy was approved by Ukraine’s Parliament on Tuesday. The parliament appointed Yury Stets - head of the Information Security Department of the National Guard of Ukraine, close ally of President Petro Poroshenko and former chief producer of the TV “Channel 5” owned by Poroshenko - to head the ministry.


Permalink Ukrainian General reveals the Zionist control of Ukraine

Ukrainian General-Colonel Yan Kazemirovich from Kiev reveals CIA, Masons, Judaic Oligarchs, and ultimately, Hasidic rabbis, primarily Chabad behind overthrow of Ukraine. English subtitles.

Permalink Ukraine PM discloses accident at nuclear plant

Ukraine's energy minister said Wednesday an accident at a nuclear power plant in southeast Ukraine posed no danger and that the plant would return to running as normal on Friday. Volodymyr Demchishin said a short circuit at a power-generating unit in the Zaporozhiya plant led to a drop in electricity production. He said the problem occurred in the electricity transmission system and not in the reactor. "There is no threat ... there are no problems with the reactors," Demchyshyn said at a briefing. He added that the accident affected the power output system and was "in no way" linked to power production itself. The International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna said it had no immediate comment on the report. Under an international convention adopted after the 1986 Chernobyl accident in what was then Soviet Ukraine, a country should notify the agency of any nuclear accidents that can impact other countries.

RT.com: Accident at Ukraine nuclear plant revealed by prime minister

Permalink Soldier jailed for making nailbomb avoids terror charge

British man found with nailbomb, weapons cache, and plans to mass murder immigrants, not charged with terrorism. A soldier who wrote of murdering immigrants and who praised Adolf Hitler has been jailed for two years after building a viable nailbomb packed with 181 pieces of shrapnel to maximise the carnage it would cause. Ryan McGee, 20, described by his defence team as “a bit of a loner”, wrote in a journal: “I vow to drag every last immigrant into the fires of hell with me.” He downloaded a video of two bound and gagged men beneath a swastika flag, one being beheaded and the other killed by a gunshot to the head and went online to tell people to do something if they hated immigration. He supported the English Defence League, Ku Klux Klan and praised then British National party leader Nick Griffin. A nailbomb and cache of weapons including an imitation firearm, an air pistol, axes and knives were found in the bedroom of his family home in Eccles, Salford, and he had researched buying guns on the web. McGee also posted several pictures of himself in EDL and Ku Klux Klan clothing and standing next to EDL flags. When he was interviewed by police, McGee said he made the bomb while on leave “out of boredom” and he was interested in rightwing politics because he did not like mass immigration.


Permalink ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO's Turkey

Tony Cartalucci ISIS Menace Was NATO All Along || Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) published a video report of immense implications - possibly the first national broadcaster in the West to admit that the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS) is supplied not by "black market oil" or "hostage ransoms" but billions of dollars worth of supplies carried into Syria across NATO member Turkey's borders via hundreds of trucks a day. The report titled, "'IS' supply channels through Turkey," confirms what has been reported by geopolitical analysts since at least as early as 2011 - that NATO member Turkey has allowed a torrent in supplies, fighters, and weapons to cross its borders unopposed to resupply ISIS positions inside of Syria. In one surreal scene from the DW report, anti-Syria terrorists are seen walking across the border and literally shot dead just on the other side by Kurdish fighters. [...] While DW's report claims no one knows who is arranging the shipments, it does reveal that the very torrent of trucks its film crew documented was officially denied by the Turkish government in Ankara. It is a certainty that Turkey is not only aware of this, but directly complicit, as is NATO who has feigned a desire to defeat ISIS but has failed to expose and uproot ISIS' multinational sponsorship and more importantly, has refused to cut its supply lines - an elementary prerequisite of any military strategy.

Permalink Swiss Vote No in Referendum on Boosting Central Bank's Gold Holdings

More than 77 percent of Swiss voters have rejected the idea of their country's return to a modified version of the gold standard. Swiss voters chose not to oblige the country's central bank to boost its gold holdings to 20 percent and store the reserves inside Switzerland at a nationwide referendum held Sunday. As many as 77.3 percent of Swiss voters have rejected the idea of their country's return to a modified version of the gold standard that means that the money supply of the country should be tied to gold, according to Neue Zurcher Zeitung that displayed the results of all cantons published on their official websites.

Neue Zurcher Zeitung: Abstimmungen


Permalink Russia & China to accuse U.S. of not having the gold

King World News has published an interview with expert Steve Quayle who said he believed that China and Russia were going to publicly demand that the US show its gold reserve "Less than a year ago I was given access to information about intended economic war plans that indicated that a time is coming very soon when both Russia and China will announce to the world that they don’t believe the United States has all [8,100 tons of ] the gold it claims to possess," Quayle said. He added that "China already possesses more physical gold than anyone in the world." Earlier, Germany and Switzerland announced their intention to take their gold back from abroad. Quayle said that his efforts sparked an intense debate over German gold repatriation in the German media. When a country filed a request with the FRS to repatriate its gold, the request was denied or a country only received a token amount back. Officially, Germany was told that its gold would be safer where it is. Unofficially, it is believed that there it did not seem possible to repatriate the gold reserve from America. This has led Quayle to believe that the FRS does not have gold in its vaults.


Permalink West accused of 'sleepwalking' as Ukraine edges towards crisis

Ukraine is teetering on the edge of collapse, but the West is "sleepwalking" in its response to the impending crisis, say observers. The West has made a catalogue of errors since Ukraine's fateful decision to turn its back on Russia, to which Moscow responded by launching a proxy war that has made Kyiv's already dire economic situation worse. The EU's Association Agreement with Kyiv, which commits Ukraine to moving closer to Europe, has not come with enough financial support to re-boot the economy. "There is a currently a major hole in the Western financing package for Ukraine of somewhere in the order of $10bn for the next six months," says Tim Ash, head of emerging markets research at Standard Bank. The Institute of International Finance (IFF), a global financial industry group, was also in Kyiv last week and came to pretty much the same conclusion. Despite a recent ceasefire with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, Kyiv will suffer a "double-digit recession this year", the IFF said in a report.

Reuters: Stung by Russia Sanctions, Europe Fears Losing Business to China


Permalink The American Dream Has Moved to Scandinavia

We noted in 2010 that the American Dream – the possibility of a “rags to riches” success story – has moved abroad … since social mobility in the U.S. is much lower than in many other developed nations. (And we pointed out that conservatives are as disturbed as liberals by the collapse of social mobility in modern America.) A paper published last year by University of Ottawa economics professor Miles Corak tells us exactly where the American Dream has gone … to Scandinavia. Denmark, Norway and Finland have the most social mobility (and Sweden is not that far behind). On the other hand, the UK, Italy and America have the least social mobility. [...] Norway is arguably the world’s most prosperous country. Denmark is 3rd; Sweden is 6th; and Finland is 8th … but the U.S. has dropped down to 10th place.

Permalink In case France refuses to deliver Mistral ships, the penalty may ammount to €3 bln — media

The sum is comprised of the €1.2 billion the contract is worth and a compensation of €800 million for each of the ships. If France doesn't deliver Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia, the penalty may ammount to €3 billion, the Le Parisien newspaper reported Wednesday. The sum is comprised of the €1.2 billion the contract is worth and a compensation of €800 million for each of the ships. No official confirmation has been yet received. Earlier, French media estimated the compensation at €10 billion. On Tuesday French President Francois Hollande said the current situation in Ukraine does not allow Paris to hand over the first Mistral helicopter carrier to Russia. Russian deputy defense minister Yuri Borisov told TASS on Tuesday Russia will be acting strictly in line with the contract and file a lawsuit if the ship is not delivered.


Permalink US promotes terrorism by funding Takfiris: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the United States promotes terrorism by financing terrorists and creating division instead of strengthening unity among world nations. The Russian leader made the comments on Friday during a speech at the plenary session of the 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi. “In Syria, just like in old times, the US and its allies began to provide militants with direct funding and weapons to incite filling of their ranks by mercenaries from different countries,” Putin said, adding that this is how the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group has turned into a “de facto army.” “They [ISIL terrorists] are active in a highly effective manner, from the military perspective, they are real professionals,” he stated. Putin also said another reason why the ISIL has gained so much power is because the so-called anti-ISIL coalition, led by the US, is creating division among regional powers. The Russian president went on to say that such “unilateral dictatorship” does not help anti-terror efforts; instead it causes “growing chaos” in stable states. Those who support terrorism should reflect on their actions, said Putin, stressing that the same terrorists they are backing will “someday come and sow death to their countries.”

Permalink U.S. Among Only 3 Countries at U.N. Officially Backing Nazism & Holocaust-Denial; Israel Parts Company from Them; Germany Abstains

Eric Zuesse In a U.N. vote, on November 21st, only three countries — the United States, Ukraine, and Canada — voted against a resolution to condemn racist facsism, or “nazism,” and to condemn denial of Germany’s World War II Holocaust against primarily Jews. This measure passed the General Assembly, on a vote of 115 in favor, 3 against, and 55 abstentions (the abstentions were in order not to offend U.S. President Obama, who was opposed to the resolution). The measure had been presented to their General Assembly after a period of more than a decade of rising “neo-Nazi” (i.e., racist-fascist) movements in Europe, including especially in Ukraine, where two Ukrainian nazi parties were installed by the U.S. into high posts in Ukraine’s new government, immediately after the democratically elected Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent coup in Kiev during February of this year. [...] Ukraine voted no on this resolution because this new Ukrainian Government is the only nazi regime in the world.[...] Germany abstained from voting on this resolution because their leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel, does not want to offend the U.S. President by voting for a resolution that the U.S. Government strongly opposes; and also because, as today’s leader of the land where nazism started — in the first nazi political party, the Nazi Party of Germany — she does not want Germany to vote against a resolution that condemns Nazism.

Permalink Putin Will Not Let Nazis Overrun East Ukraine

You can read the full interview here. But the following quote is, I believe, crucial:

"Today there is fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian central authorities have sent the armed forces there and they even use ballistic missiles. Does anybody speak about it? Not a single word. And what does it mean? What does it tell us? This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. Is that what you want? We certainly don't. And we won't let it happen."

The Russian original sentence is: "Вы этого хотите? Мы не хотим. И не позволим." I personally would translate this sentence "You want that? We don't. And we will not allow this." You could also translate the last part as "we will not permit this". This is not an expression of a preference or a much more vague "we won't condone" or "we oppose". This is a very categorical statement which warns that Russia will proactively prevent such an outcome. As I said it many times here already: Russia will not let the Nazis overrun Novorussia.

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