Permalink Give Ukraine long-range missiles to hit Russian targets, German minister says

Amid heavy Russian attacks on Kharkiv, the West must send long-distance missiles, said Annalena Baerbock. | Ukraine’s armed forces need more long-range weapons to be able to hit targets deep behind the frontline, Germany’s foreign minister has said, as Russia makes gains on the battlefield.  Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of European foreign ministers in Strasbourg, Annalena Baerbock described the military situation in north-east Ukraine as “highly dramatic” amid reports that Vladimir Putin’s forces are making significant advances of up to 10 kilometers in one place. [...] Germany is now Ukraine's second-biggest arms supplier, after the Americans, but Scholz has balked at giving Ukraine Taurus missiles, fearing that to do so would draw Germany deeper into the war. The U.S. has also placed restrictions on weapons it supplies, telling Kyiv they must not be used to strike inside Russia.

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