Permalink ‘Stick to the facts!’ Suella Braverman in furious clash with pro-Palestine student who accuses her of ‘war crime’ -- VIDEO

Fiona Lali clashed with Suella Braverman on GB News. | Suella Braverman was involved in a tense clash with a pro-Palestine student who accused the former Home Secretary of being a “war criminal”. Braverman confronted pro-Palestine protesters at a camp in Cambridge earlier in the day with GB News host Patrick Christys. Dismayed by what she had witnessed, Braverman was then challenged in the GB News studio about her comments by National Campaigns Coordinator for the Revolutionary Communist Party, Fiona Lali. Opening up the argument, Lali insisted camps across theShe also boasted that the pro-Palestine movement “brought down” Braverman, and has the power to “bring down the Tory Government”. country are not being set up in response to October 7, the day Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, and it is “disingenuous” to suggest otherwise.


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