Permalink Russian media: is Russia ready to fight for Transnistria? (warnews247.gr)

Russian media comment on the developments as follows:

💬 "Immediately after Vladimir Putin's message yesterday, a decree appeared that cancels the 2012 decision, which included, among other things, 'active participation in the search for ways to resolve the Transnistrian problem on the basis of respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral status of the Republic of Moldova in determining the special status of Transnistria'. "The document was formed when false hopes of constructive relations with the US and the EU reigned in the Kremlin. Now this decree has become a relic of an outdated era and I dare to hope that Russia's foreign policy will now be driven by its national interests, including the situation of compatriots abroad, including Moldova," said Nikolai Kostyrkin, head of the International Union of Free Journalists.

It was no coincidence that the repeal of the decree coincided with the message from the President of Russia and the response speech by US President Joe Biden. When the West speaks openly about its intention to "defeat Putin", there can be no talk of any cooperation, including various forms of resolving frozen conflicts. However, it is the conflict in Transnistria that the collective West is trying to thaw with all available forces. Recently the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made another attempt to drag Moldova into a military confrontation with Russia. To this end, he made statements about an upcoming armed coup in Moldova "involving citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro" and about Moscow's desire to seize the airport in Chisinau and use it as a transshipment base.

💬 "The Moldovan authorities are deliberately fomenting a conflict with Transnistria in order to draw Russia into it. President Sandu and the new Prime Minister Dorin Recean are not sovereign politicians, they are ruled by the US. And Washington seeks to weaken Russia's position by opening a 'second front' in Moldova."

This is the task assigned to Sandu and the new Prime Minister Dorin Recean. In the last few days alone, Moscow has issued a series of warnings to the Moldovan leadership: from the mild ones, through the mouth of the head of the Russian president's press service, Dmitry Peskov, to the harshest ones, expressed by the leader of the Duma faction "Just Russia - For Truth" Sergei Mironov. Western curators convinced the Moldovan authorities that Russia is a "clay-footed colossus", has been unsuccessfully liberating Bakhmut and Avdeevka for more than a year and should not be afraid of actions on its part.

According to the head of the CIS Institute of Countries department Kirill Frolov, Moscow has no choice but to immediately recognize the Moldovan Republic of Transnistria:

💬 "The threat of genocide of more than 200,000 Russian citizens living in Transnistria is a reality. Moreover, Russia has no other choice after Biden's actual declaration of war on Russia, who announced on 21 February the trial of Putin and the Russian leadership. But there are strong legal grounds for recognizing Transnistria, including a series of referendums on reunification with Russia."

However, Moscow should also understand that Transnistria's resources of resistance are not unlimited. Hundreds of thousands of people who believe in Russia may be left without protection against the occupiers, who consider the pro-Russian population as "collaborators". (Translation: DeepL.com) (free version) (Map: en.topcor.ru)


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