Hal Turner: The United Nations, meeting in New York, has voted to DEMAND Russia withdraw from Ukraine "immediately and unconditionally." The vote was 141 in favor, 7 opposed, with 32 abstaining. The same UN that indefinitely delayed the meeting about the Nord Stream pipeline being blown up. The same U.N. that won't even investigate the evidence that Russia submitted showing the illegal biolabs in Ukraine. The UN/WHO, when it came to Covid-19, was full-on Karen-Gestapo Liberal. (HT REMARK: You think those same sociopaths can judge anything else fairly, honestly, logically and ethically?) Battle lines drawn is what I see. God’s Will Be Done! As is customary, the ones that opposed, or abstained, tell a story of what countries will be forming a coalition behind Russia. WE (US & UK) created the UN to impose OUR WILL, "the now Satanic West" on the world. You can bet every nation was TOLD how they would vote. [This editor: Try and find any UNGA resolution demanding the U.S. exit / stop bombing other countries. (None.) Try anyway, and good luck with that.]

Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at the UN General Assembly (russiaun.ru)
Russia responds to UN vote on Ukraine (RT.com)
UN General Assembly calls for immediate end to war in Ukraine
List of United Nations resolutions concerning Israel (Wikipedia)
US 21st-century wars (Wikipedia)

Comment by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, on the adoption of the UN General Assembly resolution "Principles of the UN Charter underlying the achievement of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine" | Read completely | On February 23, during the resumed 11th emergency special session of the UN General Assembly, the resolution "Principles of the UN Charter underlying the achievement of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine" was adopted by vote.  The Western authors of this latest anti-Russian initiative, hypocritically hiding behind their alleged adherence to the UN Charter, sought to condemn the measures taken by Russia to resolve the situation within the framework of a special military operation. The proposed document lacked such basic concepts for achieving sustainable peace as dialogue, a call for negotiations without preconditions, as well as the inadmissibility of the supply of weapons to the conflict zone. The corresponding unification amendments proposed by our Belarusian friends were blocked by Westerners.  Thus, the essence of the initiative is the continuation of the indiscriminate criticism unleashed in the West against Russia, support for the criminal nationalist regime in Kiev, which the collective West has been purposefully preparing for war against our country in recent years. When promoting the project, the United States and its satellites used their favorite methods of influencing dissenters, including blackmail and threats of sanctions.[...] The resolution, which is advisory in nature, did not receive more support than the previous documents of the 11th emergency special session of the General Assembly.  A larger number of countries opposed the proposed project. Dozens of countries abstained, including China, India and South Africa. We are grateful to all partners for their support.  The Russian side will continue its progressive work aimed at developing fair assessments of the situation in and around Ukraine, defending the national security and identity of our country, the need to comply with all the principles of the UN Charter, including the sovereign equality of states. (Translation: yandex.ru)


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