Permalink Dimitry Medvedev: "Everything will be turned to dust"

There are countless fools in the power structures of Europe | Some Italian defense minister called the supply of armored vehicles and other weapons to Ukraine the prevention of World War III. A rare eccentric with the letter "m".  The neighbors of the gifted minister from the evil misty kingdom with the empire complex went even further. They say that all the weapons that NATO has should be provided to Kiev "right now". And fighters, and hundreds of tanks, and long-range missile systems. Like this is the only way to prevent the expansion of Russia and, again, a world war.  Firstly, the protection of Ukraine, which is not needed by anyone in Europe, will not save the decrepit Old World from retribution, if anything happens. Secondly, if the third World War begins, then, alas, it will not be on tanks or even on fighters. Then for sure – everything will be turned to dust.  However, what can we expect from an entrepreneur with an incomplete higher education and his dim-witted neighbors, who were pumped up right at the workplaces located at 10 Downing Street during the pandemic. Although the spirit of W. Churchill would be pleased with the successors. (Translation: yandex.ru)


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