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Maria Zakharova(Russian MFA) | From a briefing by NATO spokesman Jamie Shea. Brussels, 25 May 1999:
Question: 💬 If you say that the [Yugoslav] army has many generators, why do you deprive the country of 70 percent not only of electricity but also of water supply, because, according to you, [NATO] only strikes military installations.
Answer: 💬 Unfortunately, command and control systems also depend on electricity. If Milosevic really wants his citizens to have water and electricity, all he has to do is to accept NATO's terms and we will stop this campaign. Until he does, we will continue to attack the targets that supply his army with electricity. If there are consequences for the population, that is his [Milosevic's] problem. Water and electricity are used against the people of Serbia, we have "cut off" them permanently or for a long time for the sake of the lives of the 1.6 million Kosovars who have been driven from their homes and whose lives have been badly damaged. Not everyone will like this difference, but to me this difference is fundamental.


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