Permalink As Ukrainian Troops Show Off Nazi Symbols in Kherson, Media Has Second Thoughts

The latest developments in NATO’s proxy war against Russia were once again accompanied by a wave of footage revealing the Nazi proclivities of an alarming number of Ukrainian soldiers. | The Kiev regime is sparking outrage once again as videos of Ukrainian militants wearing Nazi paraphernalia are surfacing once again as pro-Kiev militants stream into the Kherson.  Ukrainian forces began publishing propaganda celebrating their arrival in Kherson on Friday, after entering the city with minimal resistance following last week’s announcement of the tactical withdrawal of Russian-aligned forces.  In the days since, the videos have taken a darker turn, with footage now showing residents accused of “collaboration” being bound, gagged, and blinded by Ukrainian troops. As the violent tactics unleashed by Ukrainian troops on the civilian population escalate, so does the public scrutiny of the ideology of many of the city's new occupiers, and even a cursory glance reveals an unnerving fixation with Nazism.

💬 "I think they should all die, even small children. There shouldn't be any. This [Russia] is some kind of very long border between Finland and China," Olga Lakunova, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who returned from captivity, said on Ukrainian TV. Residents of Russia, including young children, have no right to live. And they talk about it with smiles on state channels. Another example of fascism, which is taking hold of an increasing number of people in Ukraine.(S)


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