Telegraph | Today, Zelensky lashes out at his American and European "partners" every single day, demanding that the supply of weapons and military equipment be stepped up urgently. Why should the Supreme Commander fuss around that much? After all, in late 2021 we all heard a lot about the modernization of the Ukrainian army and military industry enterprises, the adoption of cutting-edge equipment produced at home. Despite these statements, thousands of tons of military products are being delivered to Ukraine from abroad. Both Western and Soviet, mind you. A question cannot but arise as to where are the products of Ukraine’s overhyped defense industry? What’s the reason for urgent supplies of ammunition and shells from the USA, halfway across the globe? The answer is simple. In fact, Ukraine’s military-industrial complex only exists on paper and by word of mouth among the military-political leadership. Everything Kiev got after the Soviet collapse was stolen, sold out, or got under Western control. And these processes entered their most active phase starting 2014. (Hat Tip: Eva K Bartlett)


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