Permalink Captured Ukrainian soldier confirmed that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hides the real numbers of losses

Top War | The Ukrainian command hides information about the losses. | The data on the dead is not transmitted so as not to pay compensation, which Zelensky swore under an oath. Usually all the dead are declared missing. Alexander Barlyan, a soldier of the 25th separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who was captured, told about this.  The dead servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not specially collected and taken away from the battlefield, so as not to be officially registered according to the documents as those who died in battle. Basically, they are declared missing, and they can also be recorded as deserters. All this is done in order not to pay compensation to the family promised by Zelensky. And according to the new law, the family of the deceased should be paid 15 million hryvnias.  According to Barlyan, the brigade most likely treated him as a missing person, no compensation is paid in this category. And in the case of an official burial, money is not always paid. Moreover, even if compensation is paid, then not the promised 15 million, but two or three monthly salaries. And millions of payments are for officers sitting in headquarters where the shells do not reach. Kyiv simply does not have that kind of money to pay compensation, the losses are colossal.


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