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Ksenia Sobchak does not bark, the caravan moves. The "bloody barina" fled to Lithuania with some man who welcomes the opposers and left her son and her so-called hubby Bogomolov. On an Israeli passport. It was confirmed by the Lithuanian Department of the State Security. And Sobchak assured with a foam at her mouth that she has no Israeli citizenship, tried to mock those who asserted the opposite. This spring she cried about how hard it is for "people who have no other passports except for the Russian one, and no other cards except for the cards of Russian banks".
  Generally, this is at least Article 330.2 of the Criminal Code (Failure to notify a citizen of the Russian Federation of the citizenship (nationality) of a foreign country or a residence permit). But even the Israeli passport is not that important. Sobchak has simply once again shown her utterly deceitful and cynical nature. And the criminal extortion case is even more interesting. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova correctly pointed out that everyone who promoted the registered materials through Sobchak's resources, including against the state and government officials, is now "covered in sweat". This is really "no longer black PR or blackmail, it's more serious than that". Sobchak is a foreign agent. Like Navalny and the rest of his gang that moved to the Baltics, like all the journalists from infomercials (TV Rain, Meduza, MediaZone, etc.). It is high time Sobchak was recognized as a foreign agent - with all that implies. (Железный Феликс)

Honestly, I had no idea that the whistleblower and fighter against hypocrisy was so hypocritical. For half a year she mocked those who asked a simple question: do you have a passport or residence permit of another country? And here the Lithuanian DGB answered for her - Israeli citizenship.  I can imagine how everyone who promoted ordered materials, including those about the state, civil servants, etc., through her resources is covered in sweat now. This is no longer black PR or blackmail. This is more serious business. (Мария Захарова)(www.DeepL.com/Translator)


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