Permalink Chinese scientists discover new mineral on the moon

What is the significance of Chang'e-5 less than 2 billion years old lunar samples? | 1.97 billion years ago, lava was still flowing on the Moon's surface, and now there is proof in the form of rocks.  According to a report published in 'Science', an international team of planetary scientists and researchers from China, Australia, Sweden and the United States has arrived at this discovery. In order to reach this conclusion, they studied samples collected by the Chinese National Space Agency during the Chang'e-5 mission.  Chang'e-5 was an unmanned mission consisting of a robotic lander that landed on the near side of the moon (the side facing Earth) in December 2020.  One of the mission goals of Chang'e-5 was to look for evidence of the moon's youngest volcanic eruptions.

China discovers new lunar mineral (CGTN)
China's Scientists Discover New Mineral In Lunar Soil, Name It Chang'e Stone - Beijing (UrduPoint)


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