Permalink Digitizing Your Identity Is the Fast-Track to Slavery: How Can You Defend Your Freedom?

Introduction: Throughout your lifetime, you or someone you trusted has unwittingly given up many aspects of your biometric and other personal data so that your digital identity can be created. Over time, this digital identity is being progressively defined and is replacing your actual physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual identity. What you are allowed to do, and not do, will increasingly depend on your technological identity rather than your moral character, intellectual and/or physical abilities, your emotional suitability, religious beliefs and the many other attributes that define your unique personality.

Conclusion: Resisting the digitization of your identity is an important element of effective resistance to the Elite’s ‘Great Reset’ program. While there are some elements of this that are very difficult to avoid, such as facial recognition cameras that are virtually everywhere, it certainly includes not signing up for a digital identity or participating unthinkingly in those programs, such as using a QR code, getting a ‘vaccine passport’ or willingly submitting to efforts to palm-print or microchip you, that are linked to it. But, as I have already noted, just resisting digitization of your identity is not enough. We must strategically resist the foundational components of the Elite program. The alternatives are death or slavery.


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