Permalink Huge global storm is starting, Moscow warns

The world is about to experience major turbulence as a result of illogical moves by Western nations, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

💬 “Most likely, a huge global storm is starting,” Peskov warned in an interview with Tass on Monday. “In many ways, there are objective reasons for that, but there are also subjective reasons for this beginning storm, which are linked to absolutely illogical and often absurd decisions and actions of the authorities in the US, Europe, the EU and individual European countries,” he said.

The sanctions imposed by the US, the EU and some other nations on Russia over its military operation in Ukraine have backfired causing a spike in energy prices and record inflation across the West.  In this situation, Russia...

💬 “...still manages to maintain macroeconomic stability. Very intense, thoughtful and consistent work is being carried out in order to achieve that,” Peskov noted.  “As restrictions are being artificially introduced in the West, [Russia’s] trade and economic relations are understandably starting to focus more on the East,” he added.

Russia Switches Off Europe's Primary Gasoline Line Till Sanctions Are Lifted
+ Main gas pipeline to EU will be closed until sanctions lifted – Kremlin

No Time | As I keep saying, Europeans, you have no time to fix this. Lots and lots or people are going to die, economies will be permanently ruined, and everybody other than the political classes, other Schwab minions, and, of course, the billionaires, will suffer grievously. This is permanent life-changing suffering! You have already squandered precious months twiddling your thumbs waiting for sanity that is never coming from these people. Direct action now, in every fucking way possible.  Likely? Jesus Christ! How much do Europeans hate themselves? "Anti-NATO protests in Europe likely to increase" (Leiroz).  One trick to watch for, which is already happening. They are trying to confuse things by creating parallel anti-vaxx protests, so they can dismiss all dissent as the work of nut cases. Don't let them get away with it!


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