Permalink Türkiye’s 2nd 'Kindness Train' sets off with aid for flood-ravaged Pakistan

Torrential rains and raging floods have swept away entire villages. Train carrying 394 tons of aid leaves from Ankara: Turkiye's second "Kindness Train" set off for Pakistan with aid for the victims of catastrophic floods which have submerged one-third of the South Asian country.  The train, which left the capital Ankara on Thursday, is carrying 394 tons of disaster relief materials.  This shipment is being coordinated by the state-run Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).  The sendoff ceremony was attended by AFAD President Yunus Sezer and Pakistan's Ambassador to Ankara Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi.  Nearly 1,200 people have lost their lives, while more than a million houses have been destroyed or damaged since mid-June, according to Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority.

Watch | Horrifying images and videos from Pakistan's 'monsoon on steroids' (08/30/22)


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