Permalink Ukraine as 'Big Israel' and the Heavenly Jerusalem Project

So what did Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy mean exactly when he declared Ukraine will become a “big Israel with its own face” last week? This is an interesting deep dive into Ukraine as the new Israel, and the Heavenly Jerusalem Project. This theory has been functioning for many years in the circles of analysts, experts and also politicians. One of the first to introduce this theory was Henry Kissinger, the secretary of state during the times of President Nixon and Ford, who in 2012 stated that in 10 years there would be no Israel. In short, it looks like the State of Israel will cease to exist in 2022.

The real threat caused the search for a new Promised Land. It was found in Ukraine. Over 1000 years ago, the Khazar state existed on Ukrainian territory, the only state where rabbinical Judaism was the official religion. Jews from all over the medieval world flocked to the Khazarian rabbinate until the tenth century, when the State collapsed. And it is to this land that the originators of the Heavenly Jerusalem project want to resettle. Today it is the Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporovsky, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa oblasts - almost a quarter of Ukraine. The Heavenly Jerusalem project is endorsed by the mysterious figure of Ukrainian politics, Igor Berkut. Former Soviet soldier, commander of reconnaissance in Afghanistan. After a mysterious scholarship in the United States, he co-owned a Kazakh bank, which he sold to the Russians. Founder of the insignificant party "Great Ukraine". The owner of a Ukrainian, Israeli, Kazakh and most likely Russian passport. And it is he who presents new revelations.

NATO to fight Russia "to the last Ukrainian" — deputy chief of Russian presidential staff

[Editor's Comment] Zioinst Jews used to say, “A Land without a People for a People without a Land.” There were plenty of Palestinians in Palestine (still are) but somehow those Jews didn't consider the Palestians to be (a) people. They were "beasts walking on two legs." (Menachim Begin). Now the Anglo-Zionist empire ("the West") is preparing Ukraine (Khazaria) for the Zionist Jews. Vladimir Putin has said: “We have heard many times that the West wants to fight us to the last Ukrainian. This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but it seems that everything is heading toward this.” As far as this editor can tell, what the West really means is that it is fighting Russia to the last non-Jewish Ukranian. That's the quiet part. They want Ukraine to be a land without non-Jewish Ukrainians. You see, we Gentiles are not people. None of our lives matter.


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