Permalink The Choice is Between Constitutionalism and De Facto Communism

A lot of people have called the raid a “Banana Republic” tactic, but I believe the matter is far more serious than that. The parallel I see is with the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party and its leaders.

As soon as Trump announced his campaign for the presidency on June 16, 2015, he was surreptitiously targeted for destruction by the Democrats and their Deep State allies at the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. But neither the Russian Collusion Hoax, nor three failed impeachment efforts, nor a stolen election, nor the farcical January 6th commission has to date stopped the leader of the MAGA movement. So desperate to stop Trump from running again, determined to decapitate the movement that he led, they have come out of the shadows. In doing so, the people who currently control the levers of power in Washington could not — short of assassinating the former President — have made their distain for the Constitution and the rule of law any clearer.


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