Permalink Ukraine outlaws two more opposition parties

The Party of Shariy and the Left Opposition movement bring the total number of banned political parties to nine.

Two more political movements, the Left Opposition and the Party of Shariy, have been banned by a Ukrainian court. Both featured on a list of the 11 political factions suspended in March by Ukraine’s Security Council. Thursday’s announcement brings the total number of outlawed parties to nine.

According to rulings by the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, all activities of the Left Opposition and the Party of Shariy have been prohibited, with “funds and other assets” set to be nationalized. As Justice Minister Denis Malyuska explained, the two join other banned “pro-Russian” parties, whose activities were allegedly aimed at “undermining the sovereignty” of Ukraine. Explaining the court decision, the minister cited the law “On political parties” and amendments to it, adopted in the wake of the Russian military offensive, and simplified procedures to ban a political party for the duration of martial law.


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