Permalink Turkish Leader Warns Against US Bases in Greece

Nine military bases established by the United States in Greece are a threat to Turkey’s national security, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli said on May 31. In 1947, the Treaty of Paris was signed with the Allied countries and these islands were ceded from Italy to Greece.

💬 “With its harassment and provocations, Greece is playing with fire,” Bahçeli said addressing his party members in parliament. The MHP assesses this a threat with the argument that the U.S. uses Greece as a “pawn” and dragging Turkey “into the abyss of strategic preoccupation and trying to push it into a hot conflict environment,” he stated. Greece should return 12 islands to Turkey, the politician said.

Turkish claims regarding the demilitarization of islands in the Aegean Sea (Hellenic Republic MFA)
17 Aegean islands are occupied by Turkey and belong to Greece (Greek City Times)


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