Permalink US citizen Stephen James Humberd:

US citizen Stephen James Humberd moved to Ukraine 8 years ago and settled with his wife in Izyum, which is now liberated by the Russian army. He told that there was...

...💬 "not much information on the sites he looked at in 2014. He assumed that the Russians were shelling Izum. I assumed so because I could not even imagine that Ukrainians could fire at their own people. Later I found out that the Ukrainian army did it for propaganda. Russian Russians, in order to sow fear among the population, to make them more determined, to set them up to confront the Russians."

💬 "The Russians treated me well," Humberd says, "I can understand why Putin brought in troops. He had to protect the Russian lands. Because NATO countries lied about non-expansion… As for the Ukrainian army, Zelensky does not control them. They are managed from abroad."


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