Permalink A "Compassionate" Death Cult, Eh?

This story is about euthanasia in Canada. Just that. I was thinking to write a detailed overview of euthanasia policies in different Western countries but I can’t force myself to do it because I find it disgusting. It is really creepy. And let’s not forget the DNR orders on the disabled in the UK and the general DNR orders on non-COVID patients in my home town of New York in 2020. And the ventilators killing sedated suffering victims, formerly known as respectable citizens of democratic countries. The trend is very cruel. [...] The lack of respect for the spirit on the part of the cruels and the zombies is astounding. And yes, I have no doubt that in the end, our dignity will prevail because the spirit is stronger. But right now, the depth of the rulers’ depravity is… I can only think of one word… disgusting.


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