Permalink Ireland is Discussing Abolishing Personal Property Rights. Are We Next?

In 2021, a bill came in front of the Irish legislature expanding the ability of the Irish government to seize private properties in the name of the “public good.” It’s similar to the concept of eminent domain in the United States. Britain and Ireland have generally had more stringent property protection, but that’s changing. And one can’t help but wonder at the timing.

On April 22, Ireland’s Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, announced that there would be no limit to the number of Ukrainian refugees Ireland would accept. Keep in mind that Ireland is a small island nation with approximately 5.04 million residents. Opening the doors of a little country like Ireland to a refugee population larger than the nation itself seems crazy. In McEntee’s announcement that the Irish would not limit the numbers of refugees they would accept, she also said,

💬 “. . .Government will avoid, if possible, forcing people or businesses to give up property or open their homes to Ukrainian refugees.” Pay attention to that “if possible.” The Irish government is not promising anything here. And she went on to say, “Every option is being explored. . . We want to encourage people to come forwards, not to force anybody to have to give up their property or accommodation.”


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