Permalink 80,000 Pfizer Document Dump Illustrates Criminal Intent to Harm – Here are some Details

On May 2nd, Pfizer dumped another 80,000 documents. Pfizer and the FDA fought hard in court to hide these documents; now we know why. They illustrate a clear picture that the mRNA shots would cause considerable harm to patients. The documents show, without a doubt, criminal intent to harm.

Worse, the government gave Pfizer (and the other companies) immunity from liability of harm from vaccine side effects. But the immunity did not include criminal intent to cause harm (or murder); a harm much greater than the disease itself. This will be fought in courts and in congress for many years to come as the facts keep pouring out showing the truth. Even more daunting, is the escalation of anger that will surely come as the number of deaths and life long injuries from the mRNA treatments continue to climb.

The Psychology of Manipulation: 6 Lessons from the Master of Propaganda (Ryan Matters)


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