Permalink Russian sources: New wave of Idleb terrorists transferred to Ukraine via Turkey

Moscow, SANA- Russian sources revealed that a new wave of terrorists from Idleb have joined Ukrainian extremists via Turkey.

The number of terrorists who left Idleb countryside to Ukraine two days ago reached 87, the majority of them are of Iraqi, French and Chechen nationalities,” Sputnik quoted the sources as saying, adding that the terrorists were transported via Turkey on Thursday and Friday. The sources said that the terrorists belong to Daesh organization before merging in other terrorist organizations.

New batch of ex-ISIS members transferred from Syria to Ukraine (The Cradle)
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Business and Conquest: Kolomoisky and the Jihadis-For-Hire (Strategic Culture Foundation)

💬 A few weeks ago Zelensky released prisoners with combat experience from jails. What they didn't told you it's that some of this prisoners are the infamous Tornado Battallion imprisoned for raping minors in front of their parents. (More HERE)


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