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An International S.O.S. From Australia: On December 4th 2021 at 12pm midday, we call for an international ‘SOS from Australia’ event. On this date we call upon politicians, international leaders and all concerned citizens to respond to our SOS. Note that whatever tyranny and oppression you see in Australia is destined for your country if we aren’t able to stop it. It seems evident Australia is ‘ground zero’. International leaders We respectfully ask you to consider supporting the requests laid out in this document. If the requests are not met, your citizens are no longer safe here. [...] Australians are facing unprecedented Government actions that have robbed us of our fundamental rights and freedoms – all enforced with extreme aggression by the Police Force. Many Australians no longer feel safe in our once-democratic country. We have tried every peaceful and diplomatic means available to have our voices heard; however we have been ignored. Australian citizens have held regular protests asking for Human Rights and the Rule of Law to be restored These democratic demonstrations have been met with unparalleled Police suppression. [...] [Web site here:] Reignite Democracy Australia

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