Permalink US black man shot three times at close range by LAPD

An autopsy report for an unarmed black man, who was killed by police officers in Los Angeles in summer, shows he was shot three times at close range. Ezell Ford, 25, was fatally shot on August 11 by two Los Angeles Police Department officers. Police allege that Ford tried to grab one of the officers’ guns, but his family and witnesses have denied the allegations. According to a copy of the report, posted online by The Los Angeles Times on Monday, a muzzle imprint left on Ford’s skin by a wound to the back suggests that the black man was shot at close range. The report also shows that Ford was shot three times, once in the back, once in the arm and once in the abdomen. The autopsy report was published after residents complained of a lack of transparency in police investigations.

RT.com: Autopsy reveals LAPD shot unarmed black man Ezell Ford in back, side, arm
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