Permalink Jewish Insanity- a new Jewish State in Germany

Gilad Atzmon After destroying Palestine and the Palestinian people for over a century, some progressive Jews seem to be bored. They decided to, once again, test German tolerance towards their ridiculous ideas. They are talking about Medinat Weimar, a new Jewish State in Germany. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. These Jews are clearly insane...

Update - I have learned a few hours ago that Medinat Weimar is actually a Jewish progressive ‘art’ project. It is supposed to present an alternative to Zionism. Those who follow this site know very well that I am not impressed with Jewish Left ‘art.’ Being an international artist myself, I see art as a search for beauty. As much as I try, I really cannot see how ‘Medinat Weimar’ is related to beauty or aesthetics. Also it may be important to mention that some early Zionists such Ahad Ha’am saw Zionism as an art project. Jewish left ‘art’ is actually a glimpse into Jewish progressive morbidity and Jewish culture in general. As we know, Israeli Jews are flooding Berlin at the moment (Olim Le Berlin). Medinat Weimar was actually a warning for the Germans.

Weimar Republic || Medinat Weimar - The Thirteen Principles || Medinat Weimar - Nein Danke! (English)


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