Permalink Russia & China to accuse U.S. of not having the gold

King World News has published an interview with expert Steve Quayle who said he believed that China and Russia were going to publicly demand that the US show its gold reserve "Less than a year ago I was given access to information about intended economic war plans that indicated that a time is coming very soon when both Russia and China will announce to the world that they don’t believe the United States has all [8,100 tons of ] the gold it claims to possess," Quayle said. He added that "China already possesses more physical gold than anyone in the world." Earlier, Germany and Switzerland announced their intention to take their gold back from abroad. Quayle said that his efforts sparked an intense debate over German gold repatriation in the German media. When a country filed a request with the FRS to repatriate its gold, the request was denied or a country only received a token amount back. Officially, Germany was told that its gold would be safer where it is. Unofficially, it is believed that there it did not seem possible to repatriate the gold reserve from America. This has led Quayle to believe that the FRS does not have gold in its vaults.


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