Permalink Canada "concerned" over potential Scottish independence

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has expressed concern about potential Scottish independence, saying “greater global interests” [read: the New World Order] would not be served if Scotland voted for independence in an upcoming referendum. Speaking ahead of the NATO summit in Wales on Thursday, Harper strongly opposed Scottish independence and praised the UK as an “overwhelmingly positive force in the world.” He also said Canadians view the concept of English and Scottish people separating as “inconceivable.” Harper emphasized that the division of countries like the UK and Canada advances no solutions to any issues. “There’s nothing in dividing those countries that would serve either greater global interests or frankly the interests of ordinary people in these countries,” he claimed. The remarks by the Canadian premier comes as an opinion poll published by the Scottish Daily Mail newspaper showed that support for independence has grown by four percent, rising to 47 percent from 43 percent since a similar Survation poll was released earlier this month.

The Telegraph: MI6 head: Scotland would be less protected


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