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The Obama administration is using the ISIL terrorist group as a pretext to "dominate" the resources of Iraq and other nations in the Middle East, says Stephen Lendman, author and radio show host in Chicago.
“ISIL is used by America both as an ally in Syria for example, and as an enemy currently in Iraq,” Lendman told Press TV on Saturday. US President Barack Obama authorized on Thursday the use of targeted airstrikes on Takfiri ISIL terrorists, also known as ISIS or IS, to protect American personnel inside the country and also help the Iraqi refugees under siege by the terrorist group and stranded on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq. Obama’s assertion about the purpose of the airstrikes in Iraq are “two, big, bald-faced, fat lies,” Lendman said. “It’s all about the oil. It’s about Iraqi oil. It’s about total dominance. It’s about regional dominance.” “America simply, in plain English, doesn’t care about humanitarian intervention. If it did, why would it have murdered literally millions of people post 9/11 alone?” he stated. Lendman described all of America’s post-9/11 wars as “illegal acts of aggression, from Afghanistan, to Iraq in 2003, to Libya, to Obama’s proxy war in Syria, and now the bombing of ISIL in Iraq again.”

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