Permalink Poroshenko's legitimacy questionable - expert

A poll about the legitimacy of elected President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko is doubtful, as residents of eastern Ukraine were not able to fully participate in the voting, a French expert Jacques Sapir believes. "The elections took place under difficult conditions in western Ukraine and in the Kiev region. It is obvious that Poroshenko has won the elections. But the elections could not be executed properly in the eastern part of the country. And this raises the question of the legitimacy of Mr. Poroshenko. He is legitimate in the West, but not in the East. And if he wants to be the president of all Ukrainians, he must reach an agreement with the protesters in the east of the country," the expert believes. Answering the question, whether the elections can be called democratic, Sapir noted that, in fact, the conditions of their carrying out were democratic. However, the fact that the presidential campaign was largely financed by Poroshenko and that in some areas of the country candidates for the post of the head of state did not have equal access to the media and could not properly talk about their proposals and themselves, calls democracy into question.

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