Permalink Penguin Family's Struggle Against The Elements To Raise Their Chick

Photographer David Tipling charts the life of a King Penguin colony. He charts one pair of adults' journey to rear their young chick. The images were captured in Right Whale Bay, South Georgia. One glance at these heart-warming pictures and it is clear why penguins make the perfect parents. Mothers and fathers are seen struggling to raise their offspring in the midst of harsh blizzards and freezing conditions. This colony of King Penguins were captured huddling together during a storm in Right Whale Bay, South Georgia island. In his new book Penguins: Close Encounters, photographer David Tipling documents a penguin parent's struggle against adversity to raise their chick. The collection of 130 photographs showcases the birds in their natural habitat. Photos of each of the world's 17 types of penguins are included in the book. The couple are pictured creating a heart shape, craning their heads over their offspring. Meanwhile another shot captures a group of young penguins huddling together to protect themselves from the icy winds. And a tiny baby seeks shelter on its parent's feet while another image shows a line of adults making the arduous march back to the sea for food. To capture the series of images Mr Tipling said he trekked to some of the most remote and beautiful locations in the world. Renowned wildlife photographer, Mr Tipling, who has worked freelance since 1992, said: 'My latest book is a visual celebration of a group of birds that have given me more pleasure to observe and photograph than any other.' (Photo: David Tiplimg/NPL/REX)


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