Permalink Breaking: Leaked Footage of Islam Battalion Launching Infamous Ghouta Chemical Attack on Aug 21

This video footage that recently surfaced shows jihadi militants from the Islam Battalion that operates in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta and led by Zahran Alloush launching an operation called "al-Reeh al-Sarsar" (Almighty Wind) on the Damascus suburb of al-Qaboun at the early morning of Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

The video shows men wearing gas masks and firing an artillery shell while shouting Allahu Akbar! The name of 'al-Reeh al-Sarsar' is coincidentally the name of the "chemical brigade" that posted videos threatening the use of chemicals on Syrian government supporters, especially Alawites, while testing the chemicals on rabbits.

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'Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra in Syria may have significant amounts of sarin'
Russia: No Proof of Assad’s Guilt in Chemical Attack
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ARMES CHIMIQUES. Syrie: la Russie a des preuves mais où sont celles de l’Occident?


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