Permalink Syrian Opposition Vows to Join Ranks with Assad if US Attacks Syria

A senior Syrian opposition figure warned Washington that all its interests in the region will be attacked by battalions of suicide bombers formed by the Syrian opposition forces if it dares to attack Syria, stressing that homeland is more important to the dissidents than opposition to the government.

"Although, we are among the Syrian government's opposition forces, we assume our homeland's interests to be more important than any other interest and therefore, we have formed a number of battalions to conduct suicide operations and target the US interests in the Middle-East," Secretary-General of al-Shabab Party Mahir Marhaj told FNA on Saturday.

He blasted the US and its allies' warmongering policies and threats, and said, "We in al-Shabab party are highly prepared to confront any war against Syria." Marhaj warned the White House against the consequences of war in Syria, and said even a limited western invasion of the country will turn into an open and unlimited war with unforeseen consequences when Damascus gives back its crushing response.

HuffPost: Opposition Leader Haytham Al-Manna Criticises Plans For US Military Intervention As 'Satanic'


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