Permalink GAZA, Shifa hospital, 18 November 2012, children killed and injuries

November 18, 2012. Operation Pillar of Cloud, day 5. - I went again at Shifa hospital to report about the injuries. A whole family was killed today in Israeli airstrike on their house in Nasser street, Gaza city. 4 children died:

Ibrahim Al Dalu, 11 months old
Jamal Al Dalu, 6 years old
Yousif Al Dalu, 5 years old
Sara Al Dalu, 3 years old

Also, their parents were killed: Samah Al Dalu, 22 years old and Mohammed Al Dalu, 28 years old. Their aunt also was killed: Ranin Al Dalu, 22 years old, and an other aunt lost: Yara Al Dalu. Their grandmother also was killed, Suhila Al Dalu, 50 years old, and two neighbours: Abdallah Mzanar, 20 years old, and Amina Mznar, 80 years old.

There are still some people under the rubble. In this video, injuries arriving at Shifa hospital after many Israeli airstrikes. Most part of them are children.

CNN: Airstrike kills 10 in one home - Video


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