Permalink Barack Obama re-[s]elected as US president

Barack Obama has been elected to a second term as President of the United States. Republican candidate Mitt Romney has conceded the race, and wished Obama a successful term in his concession speech. - In his acceptance speech, Obama praised the American spirit[???] that helped the country unify and overcome its darkest hours[???], and said he would work with Republicans to move on and achieve their common goals[???]. Obama thanked all those who voted on Tuesday, and those who helped his campaign. He said he is returning to the White House more inspired than ever, and pledged to realize the vision of a prosperous, technologically superior, well-defended and inspirational America. In his concession speech, Romney thanked his supporters and called for national unity during a particularly difficult moment in America’s history. He said the country cannot afford partisan division, and wished Obama a successful term.

Examiner: Mitt Romney loses presidential race: What went wrong? - Video

Chris Floyd: You Got to Ride It: Journey Through a Post-Election Landscape - There was an election. The winner was a man pledged to murder and plunder. His followers rejoiced that the murder and plunder would be flavored to their taste, done by one of their own. The losers lamented the fate of the nation because their man would not be in charge of the murder and plunder. Bitterness was everywhere. Poison, illusion. The sun rose. The broken system, heaving and buckling under the weight of its foul excrescences, staggered on. No answers. No resolution. No mercy, not from the structures; only from ourselves, each to each, one to one, moment to moment, hands touching, clutching, tearing free, in the turbulence of the waves. You got to ride it best you can....


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