Permalink 58 percent of eligible US voters boycott presidential election

At least 58 percent of eligible voters in the United States have decided not to participate in the US presidential election, arguing that their votes will have no effect on their future, a report says. - Various studies, however, suggest that, many of the non-participant Americans are committed to political participation in their society, anyway.

“I won’t participate in the elections, because I think the US governmental system is fundamentally illegitimate. I believe the US electoral system only paves the way for the legitimization of a government that is directed from above and under an oligarchic system,” Keith Preston of “Attack The System” group said.

“Attack The System” does not believe in the US government and advocates the distribution of power among public and private institutions. Preston said the members of the group sought the establishment of a system that could reflect the will of the majority, rather than fulfilling the interests of the small group that is now in control of everything. Voting in the election inspires the feeling of participation, but in reality limits your choice, he went on to say.

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