Permalink A US/Nato air strike in Tripoli has killed the son of Colonel Gadaffi

Saif al-Arab and three of Col Gaddafi's grandchildren died at their villa in the Bab al-Aziziya compound

The Libyan leader himself was in the villa at the time, the spokesman said, but was unharmed. Nato said it had hit a "known command-and-control building" in the area, adding it did not "target individuals". An alliance spokesman, Lt-Gen Charles Bouchard, said "all Nato's targets are military in nature". He added that he was aware of reports that members of Col Gaddafi's family had been killed, but made no further comment.

The BBC's Christian Fraser in Tripoli says that unusually the alliance issued its statement within hours of the strike, well aware of the political implications. China and Russia within the Security Council have concerns that the alliance beyond the mandate of the UN resolution authorising "all necessary measures" to protect civilians. But UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Nato's targeting policy was "in line with the UN resolution". "It is about preventing a loss of civilian life by targeting Gaddafi's war-making machine, so that is obviously tanks and guns, rocket launchers, but also command and control," he told the BBC.

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