Permalink 10 killed, 29 wounded in Iraq attacks

At least 10 people were killed and 29 others wounded Friday in separate insurgent attacks across Iraq, police sources said.

Three people were killed and 28 others, including eight policemen, were wounded when three roadside bombs targeting a police patrol exploded in the Zaafaraniya area in southeast Baghdad, a police source told Xinhua. Two police cars and several civilian cars were damaged in the attacks, he added. In the eastern province of Diyala, unidentified gunmen stormed a house Friday morning in the area of Buhriz, eight km south of provincial capital city Baquba. They opened fire with automatic weapons on four brothers who lived in the house, killing three of them and seriously wounding the fourth. According to a local police source, the four brothers were working in the security forces.

Gunmen also stormed the house of Sheikh Bashir Mutlaq Salah, an imam of the Sunni mosque in the village of Salem Abdul Hameed, 60 km north of Baquba. The attackers killed Sheikh Salah along with his wife and eight- year-old daughter, the source said, adding that the security forces had sealed off the scene and began a raid in search of the perpetrators. In another incident, unidentified gunmen assassinated a lieutenant colonel in the Iraqi army Friday morning with silenced weapons near his home in the Ghazaliya area in west Baghdad.

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