As you Americans sit down with your family on this Thanksgiving Day, think of the Gazans that have nothing to thank you for. Think of the over 1500 citizens of Gaza that were murdered with weapons made in your country. Think of the additional 3 BILLION dollars that will be spent on warplanes bound to Israel soon to continue the process of genocide.

As you look at the glowing faces of your beautiful children think of the over 5 hundred children in Gaza whose lives were snuffed out because you didn’t care enough to tell your government to STOP SUPPORTING GENOCIDE.

As you enjoy your good health think of the people of Gaza who are denied the basic humanitarian needs including medical supplies, thanks to a siege and blockade that your government has supported from day 1.

The following VIDEO will help you think about those things mentioned above….. pass your laptop around the dinner table today and share it with your guests…. it’s a must see for all Americans.


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