Permalink IN DEPTH: Afghanistan's Aynak copper field in Logar Province make it the world's largest undeveloped copper field

But the Aynak copper field has neither the electrical power nor access to the transportation links needed to fully develop the area as a copper mine. Afghan Mining Minister Ibrahim Adel says the Chinese company has agreed to invest nearly $3 billion in order to set up mining operations and overcome the lack of basic infrastructure. "With this mining project at the Aynak copper field, we will have about $2.8 billion of direct investment," Adel said. "About $500 million will be invested in building an electrical power plant. And a large amount of money also will be invested in building a railroad. This is one of the biggest foreign investment projects in the history of Afghanistan." Financial Times: Copper project tests Afghanistan’s resources. BBC: According to Russian estimates, the area holds reserves of 11 billion tonnes, which would make it the biggest copper mining area in the world. [More info here:] Minerals in Afghanistan: The potential for copper (.pdf). Illinois Institute of Technology: Uranium deposits in Afghanistan. USGS: Western Afghanistan Uranium Content.


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